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Hunting APT33 Campaign Infrastructure

Geopolitical risk is just one of many considerations that global enterprises and institutions must factor into their businesses, and when married with a firm’s information security, those risks can take on entirely new dimensions. Such has been the case with the current geopolitical environment when considering tensions between Iran and other global powers.

CVE-2017-0199 Targeting Brazilian Users

Recently we came across an interesting sample that warranted further investigation. The file in question was named “Reservar Grupos, Eventos e Feiras Groups, Events.docx” This particular sample (MD5: 52421a545a7472cf1451b99d914ea2dd) exploits CVE-2017-0199, which exploits the HTA handler in vulnerable versions of Microsoft Office when opening specially crafted RTF files. This CVE is heavily used to distribute […]

Krebs on Security: The Rise of “Bulletproof” Residential Networks

Brian Krebs examines how cybercrooks increasingly are anonymizing their malicious traffic by routing it through residential broadband and wireless data connections. Traditionally, those connections have been mainly hacked computers, mobile phones, or home routers. But this story is about so-called “bulletproof residential VPN services” that appear to be built by purchasing or otherwise acquiring discrete chunks of Internet addresses from some of the world’s largest ISPs and mobile data providers.

New Advanced Phishing Kits Target Digital Platforms

The difference between an obvious phish and a successful one is often the technical skill and attention to detail of the phish’s author. Gone are the days of poorly designed phishing kits and obvious deception; instead, a number of phishing kit authors are using increasingly sophisticated tactics to evade detection and trick targets into disclosing […]

Exploring a Lokibot and Azorult Actor’s Infrastructure

Investigating attacker infrastructure is the bread and butter of HYAS Comox. One of the routine tasks we need to do as investigators and analysts is to find malware samples and infrastructure related to a given incident or report. Comox makes this task quick and painless, especially when combined with our Maltego transforms. In this post, […]

Recent Ursnif Campaign Infrastructure and the Additional Items to Keep an Eye On

In recent months, there are has been a resurgence of Ursnif (aka Gozi ISFB) related campaigns. Since 2014, when the source code for the one of the more popular banking trojans was leaked, adversaries have been busy at work adding new features and capabilities to the malware. Some of these features and functions were highlighted […]

Adversaries Employing new TTPs to Launch Credential Stuffing Attacks

Over the past few months, HYAS has observed a noticeable increase in the number of credential stuffing attacks targeting multiple verticals including the enterprise market. “A credential stuffing attack involves attempting to use credentials that were publicly exposed during previous breaches in an automated fashion against new targets.” Multiple customers and partners reached out to […]